Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change

New research has revealed abrupt warming, that closely resembles the rapid man-made warming occurring today, has repeatedly played a key role in mass extinction events of large animals, the megafauna, in Earth's past.

Adult dating website hack exposes personal data

A data breach at a website billed as "the world's largest sex and swinger" community may expose personal and sexual information on millions of users worldwide, a report said Friday.

Nuclear techniques confirm unique biology of human eye lens

Age-related cataract and a reduction in the ability to focus (presbyopia) are very common vision problems in older people. New research from ANSTO has provided evidence to confirm the long life of an important biomolecule ...

Tinder, Vice honored in online Webby awards

The online dating app Tinder was this year's "breakout" Internet service while bad-boy news website Vice Media got multiple honors in the "Webby" awards announced Monday.

Radiocarbon dating reveals past fall in sea level

When carbonate samples from One Tree Reef in southern Great Barrier Reef arrived at ANSTO for radiocarbon dating, Principle Research Scientist Quan Hua was confident they could accurately determine the age of the marine material.

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