Tracing iron in the North Pacific

The micronutrient iron (Fe) is recognized as a key factor in controlling oceanic primary productivity, and subsequently impacting the carbon cycle and marine ecosystem. The high-latitude area of the North Pacific is one of ...

The unintended consequences of dams and reservoirs

An international team of drought scientists reports that many dams and reservoirs can paradoxically worsen water shortages they're intended to alleviate. The study is published in Nature Sustainability.

New catalyst turns pollutant into fuel

Rather than allow power plants and industry to toss carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, incoming Rice University assistant professor Haotian Wang has a plan to convert the greenhouse gas into useful products in a green way.

LASSO case study—tapping ARM's Doppler lidars

Cumulus clouds, low and rain-free, get their name from the Latin word for "heap." With flat bases and puffy upper surfaces, such clouds appear to bubble into the sky, turning grey at the bottom and brilliant white at the ...

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