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How do you judge a crook who uses a laptop instead of a gun?

Some recent high-profile crimes have started people thinking about how we should handle those who break the law using digital technologies. Criminal sentencing is decided by the type of crime and a range of factors, such ...

US bill would deny visas, freeze assets of hackers

A group of lawmakers proposed legislation Thursday that would deny US entry and freeze the assets of foreign nationals involved in hacking or cybercrimes targeting the United States.

LulzSec hacker leader arrested in Australia

A self-proclaimed leader of the LulzSec international hacking group has been arrested in Australia, police said, charging him with attacking and defacing a government website.

Twitter hack exposes Africa's cyber weaknesses

Hackers have claimed the scalp of the South African Ministry of State Security's Twitter account, underlining concerns that Africa may be the soft underbelly of global cyber security.

Amid China row, US to help firms guard trade secrets

Amid rising concern over alleged cyber crime originating from China, the White House will unveil a new plan Wednesday to help US firms thwart the theft of billions of dollars in trade secrets.

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