Study measures early detection of aging in seeds

Aging is a part of life, and plants are no exception. The life cycle of a plant is felt in gene banks that store plant materials, such as seeds. Plant materials in gene banks may be accessed by farmers, researchers, conservationists, ...

Why tourism's future lies in its past

Climate change and carbon footprints, political unrest, global epidemics—what does it all mean for the future of tourism?

Green cars in spotlight as India eyes electric revolution

Electric cars bask in the limelight at India's flagship auto show, where an ambitious plan to phase out polluting clunkers has manufacturers racing to lure millions of new drivers to their green vehicles.

The future of medicine could be found in this tiny crystal ball

A Drexel University materials scientist has discovered a way to grow a crystal ball in a lab. Not the kind that soothsayers use to predict the future, but a microscopic version that could be used to encapsulate medication ...