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Aquatic animals can help purify our wastewater, says researcher

Aquatic creatures may help purify our wastewater. A team of researchers has investigated how invertebrates, such as worms, non-biting midge larvae and mussels that live on the bottom of streams and ditches, may benefit wastewater ...

Radar tracks unfortunate creatures trapped in tropical cyclones

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Lekima, which struck mainland China in early August 2019, a number of bird species were recorded in places they had never been seen before. A new study reveals the likely reason behind how ...

How short-term heat waves impact apex marine predators

A large team of marine scientists affiliated with a host of institutions across the U.S. has learned how some marine apex predators react to short-term heat waves. In their study, published in the journal Nature Communications, ...

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A creature is a created thing, being or any product of creative action. The term is used most frequently to refer to biological organisms. The term is derived from the traditional belief that all things are created by God.

Other uses for creature include:

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