Why doesn't water help with spicy food? What about milk or beer?

Spicy foods taste spicy because they contain a family of compounds called capsaicinoids. Capsaicin is the major culprit. It's found in chilies, jalapeños, cayenne pepper, and is even the active ingredient in pepper spray.

Cognitive effort investment: Does disposition become action?

In a recent study conducted by the Collaborative Research Centre 940 Volition and Cognitive Control of Dresden University of Technology, psychologists systematically related the trait cognitive effort investment to actual ...

For kids on summer break, Canada's wildfire smoke hits hard

For many Canadian parents, the start of the summer holidays is turning into a headache, as thick wildfire smoke forces them to check air quality indices the same way they might normally check the weather forecast.

Russia to send rescue mission to space station

Russia said Wednesday that it will send an empty spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) next month to bring home three astronauts whose planned return vehicle was damaged by a strike from a tiny meteoroid.

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