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Google chairman hopes for France tax deal soon

Google chairman Eric Schmidt said Monday he hopes his firm will reach a settlement "by the end of the year" with authorities in France in a billion-dollar dispute over taxes.

Court OKs immunity for telecoms in wiretap case

A federal appeals court has ruled as constitutional a law giving telecommunications companies legal immunity for helping the government with its email and telephone eavesdropping program.

Appeals court overturns key Cape Wind clearance

(AP) -- A federal appeals court on Friday overturned the Federal Aviation Administration's ruling that Cape Wind's turbines present no danger for local air traffic.

Japan court blocks restarting of two nuclear reactors

A Japanese court on Tuesday issued a landmark injunction against the restarting of two atomic reactors, after the country's nuclear watchdog had given the green light to switch them back on.

The first battle for oil in Norway

Although it might seem like it, Norway's oil history did not begin with the first major discovery at the Ekofisk field in 1969 by Phillips Petroleum Co. It didn't even begin with the Balder discovery a couple of years earlier, ...

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