Beetle larvae think with a brain 'under construction'

In the human brain, hundreds of billions of nerve cells are interconnected in the most complicated way, and only when these interconnections are correctly made, can the brain function properly. This is no different for insects, ...

Smog returns to Indian capital as agriculture fires start

The Indian capital's air quality levels plunged to "very poor" on Friday and a smoggy haze settled over the city, days after the state government initiated stricter measures to fight chronic air pollution.

Turkey's 12,000-year-old town about to be engulfed

From the ancient citadel overlooking the valley, Ridvan Ayhan looks at the Tigris with a furrowed brow. The river that supported his family's town for generations will soon destroy it.

India pollution watchdog fines Delhi over toxic smog

India's environmental watchdog has slapped New Delhi's government with a $3.5 million fine for failing to enforce rules to reduce smog in the world's most polluted major city, officials said Tuesday.

In Quebec, Canada's newest hydroelectric dams nearly ready

On a frigid night, the roar of heavy machinery chipping away at rock echoes through Canada's boreal forest: in the far north of Quebec province, four massive hydroelectric dams that will produce "clean energy" for the northeastern ...

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