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Plastic wasteland: Asia's ocean pollution crisis

A Vietnamese mangrove draped with polythene, a whale killed after swallowing waste bags in Thai seas and clouds of underwater trash near Indonesian "paradise" islands—grim images of the plastic crisis that has gripped Asia.

dateJun 05, 2018 in Environment
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The future is fenced for Australian animals

Many of Australia's mammals spend their entire lives imprisoned, glimpsing the outside world through tall chain-link fences and high-voltage wires. There are dozens of these enclosures across Australia. Many are remote, standing ...

dateMay 31, 2018 in Ecology
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Why plants need an identity

Plant experts in South Africa have a challenging deadline to meet: gather everything that's known about the country's 21 000 indigenous plant species into a formal online record by 2020. Fortunately they are well on their ...

dateMay 24, 2018 in Ecology
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