Hurricanes found to boost cone production in longleaf pine

New research on tree reproduction is helping solve a puzzle that has stumped tree scientists for decades. Many tree species exhibit a reproductive phenomenon known as "masting," where individual trees have very low seed production ...

Scientists rediscover small Brazil tree, 185 years on

A species of small holly tree that was last seen nearly two centuries ago and was feared extinct has been rediscovered pluckily clinging to life in an urban area in northeastern Brazil, scientists said Tuesday.

Can a new forest alliance change nature finance for the better?

Conserving tropical forests is not cheap. Even though studies have shown that every $1 spent protecting or restoring tropical forests can return up to $7 in economic benefits, deforestation continues in most tropical rainforest ...

India's tiger population rises above 3,000

India's wild tiger population—by far the largest in the world—has risen above 3,000, according to a census released Sunday, boosting efforts to conserve the endangered species.

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