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Transporter mutation alters cell energy

The cotransporter NKCC1 moves sodium, potassium and chloride ions across the cell membrane and has roles regulating cell volume, epithelial transport and neuronal excitability.

CT scanning an ancient armored reptile

The aetosaurs were heavily armored reptiles that lived in many parts of the world in the Triassic period, some 225 million years ago. For the first time, a student at the University of Bristol has CT scanned a specimen to ...

The perfect tempo within the cells to develop vertebrae

Timing is everything when it comes to the embryonic development of pre-vertebrae divisions along the body of an embryo, according to researchers in Japan. A new live-imaging technique in mouse cells suggests a specific clock ...

Fluorescence spectroscopy helps to evaluate meat quality

Scientists of Sechenov University with colleagues from Australia have proposed a quicker and cheaper way to assess meat quality. It is based on exposing a small sample to UV light and measuring the spectrum of emission. The ...

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