A 15-user quantum secure direct communication network

Quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) based on entanglement can directly transmit confidential information. Scientist in China explored a QSDC network based on time-energy entanglement and sum-frequency generation. The ...

German prosecutors raid Porsche in corruption probe

Prosecutors in Stuttgart said they raided German sports carmaker Porsche on Tuesday on suspicion that an auditor working for the authorities received bribes to pass information to the tax advisor of the Volkswagen subsidiary.

Singapore says American leaked 14,200 HIV records

Singapore's health ministry accused an American on Monday of stealing and leaking the records of 14,200 people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, before January 2013.

Keeping health data under lock and key

Researchers from the Collaborative Research Center CROSSING at Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany) have developed a solution that will ensure decades of safe storage for sensitive health data in a joint project with ...

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Confidentiality is an ethical principle associated with several professions (e.g., medicine, law). In ethics, and (in some places) in law and alternative forms of legal resolution such as mediation, some types of communication between a person and one of these professionals are "privileged" and may not be discussed or divulged to third parties.

Confidentiality of information, enforced in an adaptation of the military's classic "need to know" principle, forms the cornerstone of information security in today's corporations. The so called 'confidentiality bubble' restricts information flows, with both positive and negative consequences.

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