2023 set to be hottest year on record: UN

This year is set to be the hottest ever recorded, the UN said Thursday, demanding urgent action to rein in global warming and stem the havoc following in its wake.

Making gluten-free, sorghum-based beers easier to brew and enjoy

Though beer is a popular drink worldwide, it's usually made from barley, which leaves those with a gluten allergy or intolerance unable to enjoy the frothy beverage. Sorghum, a naturally gluten-free grain, could be an alternative, ...

Video: An antidote for deadly mushrooms?

Almost all mushroom-related fatalities worldwide are caused by a single group of molecules, cyclopeptides, which are found in death caps and destroying angels.

Video: How is ceviche 'cooked?'

What does it mean to have "cooked" something? Is heat the only way to break down proteins and transform raw ingredients?

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