Communities can combat racism, hate and extremism with education

Late one afternoon this past summer, after leaving my Winnipeg office, I came across a poster that read: "When the house of cards comes crashing down, we'll be ready. Will you join us?" In the background of this poster, the ...

How religion can heighten or help with financial stress

Churchgoers who are strapped for cash may experience a spike in anxiety when the donation plate is passed. However, knowing they have a church family to support them in times of need may help ease their money worries.

Building resilience in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Two years ago today, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico with winds as fast as 155 miles per hour. Heavy rains caused flooding and landslides. The storm destroyed homes and entire neighborhoods, knocked out electricity, and ...

The human cost of palm oil development

The oil palm industry likes to present itself as a success story in fighting rural poverty in tropical countries, an image supported by a recent article in The Conversation. Is it true?

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