The human cost of palm oil development

The oil palm industry likes to present itself as a success story in fighting rural poverty in tropical countries, an image supported by a recent article in The Conversation. Is it true?

Latitudinal gradient of plant phylogenetic diversity explained

Why are there so many species in the tropics? For centuries, scientists have been searching for the causes of the latitudinal gradient in species diversity—a pattern that has been documented for most groups of living species, ...

Cohousing is an inclusive approach to smart, sustainable cities

The idea that technology will fix complex and systemic problems like climate change, poverty, the housing crisis or health care is simplistic to say the least. We need a radical shift in how we live, and designing for environmental ...

Trapped in social media 'echo chambers'

Social media has become a go-to platform for people to express their opinions on the hot topics of the day, from the U.S. presidential campaign to the correct color of a dress.

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