Better oxygen extraction attracts commercial interest

Developing highly efficient ion transport membranes for the extraction of oxygen for industrial and medical use has earned a team of Curtin University scientists first prize in the university's Commercial Innovation Awards.

Climate chemistry and the tropics

(—New models are being developed to predict how changing land use in the tropics could affect future climate, air quality and crop production.

Researchers create carbon dioxide-separating polymer

( -- Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities, such as the combustion of fossil fuels for energy and transportation, and it is widely accepted that it is one of the primary greenhouse ...

Computational chemistry shows the way to safer biofuels

Replacing gasoline and diesel with plant-based bio fuels is crucial to curb climate change. But there are several ways to transform crops to fuel, and some of the methods result in bio fuels that are harmful to health as ...