Dutch flood memories unleash new climate fears

Seventy years after the worst natural disaster to strike the Netherlands, Chiem de Vos, seven at the time, still hears his neighbour's desperate cries of "My children are drowning!" ringing in his ears.

How forgotten species go extinct twice

"Species go extinct twice—one time when the last individual stops breathing, and a second time when the collective memory about the species disappears."—adapted from a quotation attributed to both Banksy and Irvin Yalom

Report details damage to ancient Yemeni archaeological sites

A prominent Yemeni rights group has documented heavy damage from ground fighting and airstrikes to at least 34 archaeological sites over the past four years and urged the international community to protect Yemenis' "collective ...

Collective memory in bacteria

Individual bacterial cells have short memories. But groups of bacteria can develop a collective memory that can increase their tolerance to stress. This has been demonstrated experimentally for the first time in a study by ...

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