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Clear holographic imaging in turbulent environments

Holographic imaging has always been challenged by unpredictable distortions in dynamic environments. Traditional deep learning methods often struggle to adapt to diverse scenes due to their reliance on specific data conditions.

Illuminating the dance of RNA with ultrabright X-rays

DNA, RNA, and proteins are three pillars of molecular biology. While DNA holds genetic instructions and proteins put these plans to action, RNA serves as the messenger and interpreter. DNA is transcribed to RNA, which then ...

Scientists discover a new phase of high-density, ultra-hot ice

The outer planets of our solar system, Uranus and Neptune, are water-rich gas giants. These planets have extreme pressures 2 million times the Earth's atmosphere. They also have interiors as hot as the surface of the sun. ...

Researchers develop ultraefficient white light laser on a chip

A team of researchers from the University of Twente has made a breakthrough in ultraefficient on-chip supercontinuum generation. The findings, published in the journal Advanced Photonics Research, represent a major step forward ...

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