Are rents rising in your neighborhood? Don't blame the baristas

Baristas who work in specialty coffee shops, along with hipsters more generally, have been referred to as the "shock troops" of urban gentrification—and it's no different in Philadelphia. These servers of artisanal coffee ...

Unlocking urban diversity: The magnetism of complex amenities

Diversity fuels prosperity in cities, but where do people from diverse backgrounds meet? A study from the Complexity Science Hub now indicates that locations offering a range of rare shops and services may hold the key.

Heat wave and wildfires scorch east Canada

Eastern Canada sweltered under a record-breaking heat wave on Thursday that risked inflaming wildfires ravaging the Atlantic coast and other parts of the country with "unprecedented" ferocity and scale.

Is kindness contagious?

Imagine that you're approaching your favorite coffee shop, when your eyes are suddenly drawn toward an interaction between two strangers happening just outside its doors. One man sits, leaning against the glass window, knees ...

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