Using nature and data to weather coastal storms

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense, sometimes with tragic consequences. Europe's coastal cities are preparing to meet the challenges with help from nature and data from outer space.

High-tide floods surge as climate changes and sea level rises

Over recent decades, coastal cities in the U.S. have experienced significant increases in floods that occur during high tide, which create dangerous driving conditions, road closures, groundwater contamination and other safety ...

Report highlights impact of changes in Antarctica

A new report published Tuesday 24 May sends a strong message to countries responsible for Antarctic governance meeting this week in Berlin, that there's a need for urgent action on minimizing climate change impacts in Antarctica ...

Reconstructing sea-level rise in the Red Sea

Modeling the impact of meteorological forces on the Red Sea shows that winds in the southern part of the sea modulate sea-level surges across the basin.

New NOAA report finds sea level is rising fast

In North Carolina, the worries about climate change often focus on more frequent storms with heavier rainfall, but a new federal report points to an equally potent danger—the seeping effect of sea level rise.

US sea levels to rise at a faster pace than in past 100 years

Oceans along the U.S. coastline will rise faster within the next three decades than they did in the past 100 years, bringing more flooding to coastal cities such as New York and Miami, according to the latest projections.

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