Getting rid of sweat at the push of a button

The Swiss sportswear manufacturer KJUS presented the world's first ski jacket with an integrated electronic user-controlled membrane on November 15. Thanks to the HYDRO_BOT technology developed together with Empa, the ski ...

Trying not to fluff it: Dealing with plastic microfibres

I bought some new socks this week. So what, you might ask. My new socks are lovely and warm and very fluffy – just right for autumn. But, when I wore them, they moulted their fluff all over my feet, and if I'm not careful ...

No 'changing room moment' for men as they age

Men, unlike women, do not suffer from the 'changing room moment' when they suddenly realise they are too old for certain types of clothes, according to new research from the University of Kent.

Video: Why plastic bottles are recycled into clothes

Exercise clothes and trendy handbags made from recycled plastic are all the rage and help consumers feel as if they are doing their part for the environment. But there are several reasons plastic bottles are recycled into ...

Sweat torso to become international standard

Empa's sweat torso now meets the ISO standard. How protective clothing affects the human body can be investigated in future with Empa's torso in a standardized way.

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