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Shanghai records hottest May day in 100 years

Shanghai recorded its hottest May day in 100 years on Monday, the city's meteorological service announced, shattering the previous high by a full degree.

An improved view of global sea ice

Earth's declining ice is without a doubt one of the clearest signs of climate change. A new high-resolution sea-ice concentration data record has just been released as part of ESA's Climate Change Initiative—providing new ...

New method predicts extreme weather events more accurately

With the rise of extreme weather events, which are becoming more frequent in our warming climate, accurate predictions are becoming more critical for all of us, from farmers to city-dwellers to businesses around the world. ...

Strategic city planning can help reduce urban heat island effect

The tendency of cities to trap heat—a phenomenon called the "urban heat island," often referred to as the UHI effect—can lead to dangerous temperatures in the summer months, but new Penn State research published in Buildings ...

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