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Winning climate strategy demands details

When understanding a country's climate - especially vast countries like the United States or China - to protect food security, biodiversity and human health, the devil is in the details.

Developing climate-resilient wheat varieties

Increases in climate variability have placed new emphasis on the need for resilient wheat varieties. Alongside demands for increased resiliency, consumer interest in healthier, more functional foods is growing. Therefore, ...

Explaining New Zealand's unusual growing glaciers

Newly published research shows regional climate variability caused an "unusual" period in which some of New Zealand's glaciers grew bigger, while glaciers worldwide were shrinking.

ExxonMobil names climate scientist to its board

Oil giant ExxonMobil, long criticized over its stance on climate change and production of fossil fuels, has appointed a leading climate scientist to its board of directors.

Pigs and chocolate: Using maths to solve problems in farming

Improving cocoa yields for the chocolate industry, estimating the quality of meat in pigs and refining the design of a hydroponics system, were three farming challenges tackled by academics at a recent workshop hosted by ...

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