China eases power crunch with boost to coal production

China said it has increased daily coal production by over one million tonnes, easing its energy shortage as world leaders gather in Britain for climate talks billed as one of the last chances to avert catastrophic global ...

Australian mining giants back net-zero target

Australia's powerful mining sector has backed a 2050 net-zero carbon target, heaping pressure on the country's coal-championing government to follow suit.

Blocking the sun to control global warming

It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie—artificially blocking sunlight to keep global warming from overheating the Earth. Nevertheless, a small cadre of researchers is studying the option—so that if ...

Leaders appeal for 'urgent action' on environment

World leaders gathered in Kenya on Thursday to lend political muscle to UN environment talks, calling for "urgent action" to slow the destruction of natural habitats and accelerate funding for green development.

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