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Maps of urban heat islands with focus on environmental justice

Floods, tornadoes and hurricanes cause deaths every year, but when it comes to weather-related fatalities, extreme heat is America's deadliest killer. And the mercury is rising due to climate change: unprecedented heatwaves ...

Cities are making mammals bigger

A new study shows urbanization is causing many mammal species to grow bigger, possibly because of readily available food in places packed with people.

Satellites reveal how forests increase cloud and cool climate

Forests are not only key to moderating our climate by sequestering atmospheric carbon, but they also create a cooling effect by increasing low-level cloud. A first global assessment using satellite observations has shown ...

No 'eureka moment': the evolution of climate science

What if Earth's atmosphere was infused with extra carbon dioxide, mused amateur scientist Eunice Foote in an 1856 research paper that concluded the gas was very good at absorbing heat.

EXPLAINER: As wildfire smoke spreads, who's at risk?

Smoke from wildfires in the western U.S. and Canada is blanketing much of the continent, including thousands of miles away on the East Coast. And experts say the phenomenon is becoming more common as human-caused global warming ...

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