AI: World likely to hit key warming threshold in 10-12 years

The world will likely breach the internationally agreed-upon climate change threshold in about a decade, and keep heating to break through a next warming limit around mid-century even with big pollution cuts, artificial intelligence ...

Six reasons 2023 could be a very good year for climate action

Many people think of the annual UN climate talks as talkfests which achieve only incremental change, at best. Activist Greta Thunberg has described them as "blah blah blah" moments—grossly inadequate and too often hijacked ...

Germany likely missed climate target again, activists angry

Data published Wednesday by a respected environmental think tank indicates Germany likely missed its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions again last year, despite a big effort by the new government to expand the renewable ...

Global 'peace pact' signed to protect nature

Countries reached a historic deal on Monday to reverse decades of environmental destruction threatening the world's species and ecosystems, in what the UN chief hailed as "a peace pact with nature."

At COP15, businesses urged to act for nature

Widely blamed for ravaging Earth's ecosystems, big businesses are nevertheless being turned to as key players in a deal to save nature at the COP15 biodiversity conference.

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