Will our clean air last after COVID-19? Study says it's possible

Since millions of Californians began staying at home and off the roads in March, air quality in the Golden State has visibly improved. Once life returns to normal, however, air pollution levels are likely to return to their ...

Saving the planet in the midst of a pandemic

Greta Thunberg galvanized masses of people across the world into advocating for climate change. But just as climate action seemed to be hitting a new peak globally, the COVID-19 outbreak abruptly brought the physical manifestations ...

Fight climate change like coronavirus: UN

The United Nations on Wednesday urged the world to fight climate change with the same determination as it is showing in the battle against COVID-19.

Pandemic cuts both ways for climate change

COVID-19 has overshadowed the climate crisis as governments scramble to protect the health of citizens without cratering their economies, but the pandemic could still open a fast-track pathway -– albeit a narrow one—to ...

Earth Day alert to save our frogs

With climate action a theme of Earth Day 2020 (22 April 2020), a new research paper highlights the plight of some of the most at-risk amphibian species—and shortfalls in most conservation efforts.

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