How we could snoop on extraterrestrial communications networks

The conditions for life throughout the universe are so plentiful that it seems reasonable to presume there must be extra-terrestrial civilizations in the galaxy. But if that's true, where are they? The Search for Extra-terrestrial ...

Love may be timeless, but the way we talk about it isn't

Every year as Valentine's Day approaches, people remind themselves that not all expressions of love fit the stereotypes of modern romance. V-Day cynics might plan a "Galentines" night for female friends or toast their platonic ...

Icelanders race to repair damage after volcano damage

Icelanders were working Friday to get hot water supplies fixed in thousands of houses a day after a third volcanic eruption in two months, as experts said the eruption seemed to be ending.

Why now is the time to address humanity's impact on the moon

Humans have always looked at the sky, using the stars as navigation guides or for spiritual storytelling. Every human civilization has looked to the stars and used celestial movements to measure time and find meaning.

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