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Review: PROTACs targeting epigenetic proteins

The field of epigenetics focuses on alterations in gene function that are inherited without changes in the DNA sequence, including histone modifications, post-translational modifications of amino acids, and covalent modifications ...

Novel approaches for correcting gene expression insufficiency

A new molecular technology capable of binding to mRNA and regulating gene expression may offer a new avenue for treating diseases caused by haploinsufficiency, or the absence of one functional gene copy, according to a study ...

When growth becomes a weakness for cancer cells

ETH researchers are shedding light on what can happen when cells exceed their normal size and become senescent. The new findings could help to optimize cancer therapies.

Chinese scientists unravel cGNAT2 role in cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria are a diverse group of gram-negative bacteria that conduct plant-like oxygenic photosynthesis and are thought to be the evolutionary ancestors of chloroplasts in higher plants. Lysine acetylation is an important ...

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