Synthesizing nanosized zeolites

Zeolites are crystalline inorganic materials whose oxide-based framework is built with corner-sharing TO4 tetrahedrons, where T refers to a tetrahedral atom, most commonly Si and Al. Thanks to their well-defined structure ...

Shocking heat waves stabilize single atoms

Single atoms work great as catalysts, but they usually don't stay single for long. Argonne scientists are part of a team that uses high-temperature shock waves to keep them in their place.

Visualizing chemical reactions on bimetal surfaces

Catalysts are the result of chemists seeking to unravel the beauty of molecules and the mystery of chemical reactions. Professor Jeong Young Park, whose research focuses on catalytic chemical reactions, is no exception. His ...

Simple equation directs creation of clean-energy catalysts

New guidelines laid down by Nebraska and Chinese researchers could steer the design of less costly, more efficient catalysts geared toward revving up the production of hydrogen as a renewable fuel.

Dynamic catalytic converters for clean air in the city

Reducing pollutant emission of vehicles and meeting stricter exhaust gas standards are major challenges when developing catalytic converters. A new concept might help to efficiently treat exhaust gases after the cold start ...

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