Networking: An opportunity or an obstacle for women?

Networking can help to build and improve informal working relationships. When done right, it can be a mutually beneficial exchange among individuals or groups, often leading to new opportunities or even promotions, making ...

Inclusive leadership could be a game-changer for business

Employee retention is a key focus for corporations globally, and new research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) has found that leadership style could have a noticeable impact on an employee's working experience.

Researchers analyze career pathways for gifted girls

Compared to boys, girls often excel in their secondary education results—but even the most gifted students may struggle to find their "dream job" and follow the best career path, pay grades and workplace progression to ...

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Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)". It is usually considered to pertain to remunerative work (and sometimes also formal education).

The etymology of the term comes from the Latin word carrera, which means race (as in "rat race", see Careerism).

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