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Bound for the EU, American-made biomass checks the right boxes

In 2009, the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED) established goals to produce more energy from renewable sources, triggering exponential growth in the solid biomass trade. By 2018, the EU was trading over ...

Methane: Emissions increase and it's not good news

Of course, carbon dioxide plays a key role in global warming, but among all the greenhouse gases, methane deserves special attention because of its larger global warming potential (28 times higher than carbon dioxide on a ...

Microbes living on air a global phenomenon

UNSW researchers have found their previous discovery of bacteria living on air in Antarctica is likely a process that occurs globally, further supporting the potential existence of microbial life on alien planets.

John Tyndall: the forgotten co-discoverer of climate science

It is surprising that the Irish scientist John Tyndall, born 200 years ago on August 2 1820, is not better known. This is despite the existence of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, the Tyndall National Institute ...

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