Coal phase-out—announcing CO2 pricing triggers divestment

Putting the Paris climate agreement into practice will trigger opposed reactions by investors and fossil fuel owners. Paradoxically, it has been feared that the anticipation of strong CO2 reduction policies might drive up ...

Win-win strategies for climate and food security

Climate policies that target agriculture and forests could lead to increased food prices. But reducing deforestation and increasing soil carbon sequestration in agriculture could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions ...

Trudeau unveils Canada's carbon price plan in 2018

Canada will impose a national minimum carbon price in 2018, an effective tax, to meet the landmark Paris commitment on climate change, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.

Carbon pricing—a no-brainer for climate change?

As the Democratic Party prepares for its upcoming convention, the platform committee is reportedly considering the implementation of a carbon tax to deal with climate change.

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