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Osmium activation in cancer cells

Cancer is a complex disease, and as such, there is no single way to tackle it. While cancer treatments are evolving toward personalized procedures, in most cases, standard chemotherapy treatments are still required. In chemotherapy, ...

Novel microscopy method provides look into future of cell biology

What if a microscope allowed us to explore the 3D microcosm of blood vessels, nerves, and cancer cells instantaneously in virtual reality? What if it could provide views from multiple directions in real time without physically ...

How density governs receptor activation on immune cells

Scientists from within the Antibody and Vaccine Group at the University of Southampton have gained novel insights into how an important class of immune receptors called tumor necrosis factor receptors (TNFR) are activated.

Age-related stem cell dysfunction linked to eye-color gene

In a discovery with implications for colorectal cancer in humans, RIKEN geneticists have found that a gene that determines eye color in fruit flies also plays a role in the tendency of gut stem cells to proliferate out of ...

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