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How C. elegans worms avoid getting poisoned

Javier Apfeld approached the question like a worm detective. Except, instead of solving a wiggly creature's murder, the biologist was trying to understand why worms didn't die, despite a deadly toxin's common presence in ...

Earless worms 'listen' through their skin

A species of roundworm that is widely used in biological research can sense and respond to sound, despite having no ear-like organs, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute.

'Seeing' single cells with sound

If you are a researcher who wants to see how just a few cells in an organism are behaving, it is no simple task. The human body contains approximately 37 trillion cells; the fruit fly flitting around the overripe bananas ...

Researchers deepen understanding of cellular stress responses

Chronic stress caused by changing temperatures, Alzheimer's disease or other diseases and forces is an unavoidable part of life. At the cellular level, the "first responders" to stress are known as molecular chaperones. Yet ...

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