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How do female CEOs affect corporate environmental policies?

In a Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management analysis of 351 Chinese listed firms in heavily polluting industries from 2006–2019, investigators found that companies with female CEOs tended to have policies ...

Cities face crisis as fewer kids enroll and schools shrink

On a recent morning inside Chalmers School of Excellence on Chicago's West Side, five preschool and kindergarten students finished up drawings. Four staffers, including a teacher and a tutor, chatted with them about colors ...

The loneliness of the CEOs hired from outside

A third of the new CEOs are hired outside the company despite the fact that on average their performance is lower than those who reach the top by internal promotion. A study shows that the reasons are to be found in the misalignment ...

Doomsday Clock now 100 seconds from midnight

While the Doomsday Clock is perilously close to midnight, it is not as close as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently suggested in his COP26 opening remarks.

'Doomsday Clock' stuck at 100 seconds to midnight

The "Doomsday Clock" illustrating the perils facing the planet and mankind will remain at 100 seconds to midnight this year amid the threats of the coronavirus pandemic, nuclear war and climate change.

Boys' club barriers create issues for Australian boards

Pale, male and stale—it's certainly stereotypical, but it's a saying that still holds water when it comes to Australian boards, according to new research from the University of South Australia.

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