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Pattern in whale songs predicts migration

Through the use of two advanced audio recording technologies, a collaboration of Monterey Bay researchers has found that blue whales switch from nighttime to daytime singing when they are starting to migrate.

Cuvier's beaked whale breaks record with 3 hour 42 minute dive

The blue whale might be one of the most enigmatic creatures on the planet, but the true megastars of the diving world are Cuvier's beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris). They are capable of reaching depths of almost 3000 m, ...

Giant whale washes up on Indonesian beach

A giant 23-metre (75-foot) whale briefly washed up near a beach in Indonesia but it was unclear how the enormous marine mammal died, a conservation official said Wednesday.

Studying whales with high-tech tools

Scanning the airwaves over Monterey Bay with a hand-held antenna, Stanford University researchers listen for blue whales—or, more precisely, they listen for the suction tags they've stuck on blue whales. The first beep ...

Whale cams track swimming efficiency of ocean giants

The relatively squat and gangly humpback whale moves more efficiently through the water than its sleeker, larger cousin, the blue whale, according to new research that used devices attached to the animals to collect information ...

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