What lies beneath melting glaciers and thawing permafrost?

Around the planet, ice is rapidly disappearing. From mountain tops, the poles, the seas, and the tundra. As the ice melts, it's exposing new surfaces, new opportunities, and new threats—including valuable mineral deposits, ...

Israel acquires rare ancient papyrus with Hebrew inscription

Israel has acquired a previously unknown ancient papyrus bearing a Hebrew inscription dated to around 2,700 years ago that had long been in possession of a Montana resident, the country's antiquities authority said Wednesday.

Ancient plague genomes reveal the origins of the Black Death

In 1347, plague first entered the Mediterranean via trade ships transporting goods from the territories of the Golden Horde in the Black Sea. The disease then disseminated across Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa ...

WWF sounds alarm over 'colossal' Black Sea oil slick

Russian scientists sounded the alarm on Wednesday over a huge oil slick in the Black Sea, with the World Wildlife Fund saying at least 100 tonnes of oil have leaked off the city of Novorossiysk.

Sulfur enhances carbon storage in the Black Sea

A study led by Oldenburg researchers finds new explanation for the accumulation of organic compounds in oxygen-depleted marine areas. The effect could negatively feedback on the climate on geological time scales.

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