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A novel form of cellular logistics

Biophysicists from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have shown that a phenomenon known as diffusiophoresis, which can lead to a directed particle transport, can occur in biological systems.

Designing soft materials that mimic biological functions

Northwestern Engineering researchers have developed a theoretical model to design soft materials that demonstrate autonomous oscillating properties that mimic biological functions. The work could advance the design of responsive ...

New technology enables predictive design of engineered human cells

Northwestern University synthetic biologist Joshua Leonard used to build devices when he was a child using electronic kits. Now he and his team have developed a design-driven process that uses parts from a very different ...

Silkworm's brain determines diapause by thermal information

Diapause is a seasonal adaptation strategy of insects and animals in which biological functions are put on hold, such as insect eggs that remain dormant until conditions are more favorable to hatch. This is not a passive ...

RNA molecules are masters of their own destiny

At any given moment in the human body, in about 30 trillion cells, DNA is being "read" into molecules of messenger RNA, the intermediary step between DNA and proteins, in a process called transcription.

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