Komodo dragon, 2-in-5 shark species lurch towards extinction

Trapped on island habitats made smaller by rising seas, Indonesia's Komodo dragons were listed as "endangered" on Saturday, in an update of the wildlife Red List that also warned overfishing threatens nearly two-in-five sharks ...

Storms swell Iguazu falls to near decade-high flow

Heavy rains have swollen the famed Iguazu waterfalls on the border between Argentina and Brazil to near decade-high water volumes this week, authorities said, as flooding engulfed one of the site's main tourist walkways.

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon halved in 2023

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by half last year, according to figures released Friday, as President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's government bolstered environmental policing to crack down on surging destruction.

Scientists discover secret behind Earth's biodiversity hotspots

The research suggests that biodiversity hotspots—such as the Daintree Rainforest in Australia and the Cloud Forests of Ecuador—are teeming with species because they have been ecologically stable for long periods of time, ...

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