How chocolate could counter climate change

At a red-brick factory in the German port city of Hamburg, cocoa bean shells go in one end, and out the other comes an amazing black powder with the potential to counter climate change.

Researchers develop carbon-negative concrete

A viable formula for a carbon-negative, environmentally friendly concrete that is nearly as strong as regular concrete has been developed at Washington State University.

Using biochar to remove antibiotics from wastewater

To feed the world's growing population, farmers need to grow a lot of crops. Crops need water to grow and thrive, and the water used to irrigate crops makes up an estimated 70% of global freshwater use. But many areas across ...

An easy way for dairy farmers to reduce their climate impact

Adding even a small amount of biochar—a charcoal-like material produced by burning organic matter—to a dairy's manure-composting process reduces methane emissions by 84%, a recent study by UC Merced researchers shows.

The magic of biochar

Ensuring a steady food supply is a problem in many regions of Africa—and the strong population growth will only exacerbate it in the future. Yet the agricultural sector could definitely produce greater yields. Experts estimate ...

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