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Data scientists in hot demand thanks to Big Data

Data scientist is one of the most attractive jobs of the 21st century. This impression is confirmed when you take a look at relevant online job portals. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, in the USA demand ...

dateJul 02, 2018 in Internet
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Big data analytics for dummies

Big Data is still very much an elite thing: only the most IT-savvy and wealthy businesses have a shot at scratching the surface of its potential. All this could be about to change thanks to a Big Data analytics platform developed ...

dateJun 28, 2018 in Computer Sciences
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Putting people at the heart of big data

Big data has given scientists – and companies – a treasure trove of new information for analysing, understanding and predicting human behaviour, but it's also thrown up a raft of questions about privacy and ownership.

dateMar 12, 2018 in Other
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