Q&A: Where the wild bees are—and aren't—impacts food supply

Honey bees—plump, fuzzy, and famed for their honey-making—capture the popular imagination. Yet, wild bees are equally vital for pollination and, by some measures, outshine honey bees as pollinators. This is why UBC researcher ...

One in five Colorado bumblebees are endangered, new report says

On a cliffside at Mesa Verde National Park in southern Colorado, a fuzzy bee was industriously gnawing at the red sandstone. Making a loud grinding sound, the insect used its powerful jaws to drill tunnels and holes in rocks, ...

Researcher reveals the secret life of bumble bees

Bees that build microbreweries, ride a miniature merry-go-round and possibly even wear diapers: In biologist Tobin Hammer's UCI lab, all sorts of unusual projects unfold.

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