'Plug-and-play' plasmonic metafibers for ultrafast fiber lasers

Integrating plasmonic metasurfaces on optical fiber tips forming so-called metafibers enriches the functionalities of an ordinary optical fiber, yielding a variety of advanced applications such as planar waveshaping, super-resolution ...

Physicists develop a perfect light trap

Whether in photosynthesis or in a photovoltaic system: if you want to use light efficiently, you have to absorb it as completely as possible. However, this is difficult if the absorption is to take place in a thin layer of ...

A superfast process for nanoscale machining

Cutting intricate patterns as small as several billionths of a meter deep and wide, the focused ion beam (FIB) is an essential tool for deconstructing and imaging tiny industrial parts to ensure they were fabricated correctly. ...

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