Discovery changes understanding of water's history on the moon

New research from a Western University postdoctoral fellow shows the early lunar crust, which makes up the surface of the moon, was considerably enriched in water more than 4 billion years ago, counter to previously held ...

Tiny beads preserve enzymes for biocatalysis

Plasmas can provide the co-substrate needed for biocatalysis of valuable substances, but they are also harmful to enzymes. By attaching enzymes to small beads, the enzymes are protected and remain active up to 44 times longer.

Bronze Age long-distance connections: Baltic amber in Aššur

In 1914, two beads were found under the great ziggurat of Aššur in Iraq, in a foundation deposit dating from around 1800-1750 BC. Their material has now been identified as amber using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy ...

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