Advances in predicting the locations of Great Basin wildfires

Scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the University of Montana have developed a way to forecast which of the Great Basin's more than 60 million acres have the highest ...

How we're reshaping global water storage

Globally, humans use about 4 trillion cubic meters of fresh water each year for everything from crop irrigation to cooling manufacturing equipment to generating electricity. In a recent study published in Earth's Future, ...

The fate of a lake after a dramatic mining disaster

On August 4, 2014, Mount Polley Mine in British Columbia, Canada, made international news when a dam failure released millions of cubic meters of tailings—hazardous by-products of mining operations—into the watershed. ...

Researchers reveal stratospheric air intrusion process

Long-term monitoring of radionuclides transported with through the atmosphere can help to reveal atmospheric dynamics. The cosmogenic 10Be/7Be ratio is an effective tracer of atmospheric motion.

Glacier melting on Kamchatka contributed to sea rise

Scientists have quantified the glacier mass loss on the Kamchatka Peninsula; the accelerated loss in the region since the turn of the millennium is likely to increase in the short term.

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