August is open season for hunting invasive insects

It's a busy time of year for the Texas A&M Forest Service—many highly destructive pests are emerging in their adult form to reproduce and lay eggs. One such pest on the Forest Service's most wanted list is the emerald ash ...

Making the most of a tree epidemic

A large portion of North America's 8.7 billion ash trees are now infested by a beetle called the emerald ash borer.

Scientists find genes to save ash trees from deadly beetle

An international team of scientists have identified candidate resistance genes that could protect ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a deadly pest that is expected to kill billions of trees worldwide.

Ash dieback is less severe in isolated ash trees

New research published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Ecology finds that ash dieback is far less severe in the isolated conditions ash is often found in, such as forests with low ash density or in open canopies ...

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