Did our ancestors have better microbiomes? For maize, maybe!

At today's backyard barbeques, we enjoy corn on the cob with hundreds of sweet juicy kernels. But if we were eating teosinte, the wild ancestor of corn, we would be lucky to enjoy a dozen kernels per ear. In fact, many of ...

Global warming is faster than evolution

The world is getting warmer, and life has to adapt to new conditions. But if the warming continues, many species may have trouble keeping up.

GmSWEET10a and GmSWEET10b coordinately regulate yield and quality

Cultivated soybeans were domesticated from wild soybeans in China over a period of 5,000 years, and then widely spread all over the world. Soybean has been a major, multiuse crop that globally makes up 56% of oilseed production ...

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