Archaeologists post research data from Sudan online

The University of Münster's Institute of Egyptology and Coptology (Germany) is now uploading data gathered between 2009 and 2016 during field research in Sudan regarding graves, small huts and stone-lined sleeping places ...

Albania promotes its underwater archaeology, for tourism

Albania is promoting the archaeological finds in the waters off its southwest coast to raise public interest and to attract attention of decision-makers who can help preserve the discoveries.

King David's palace found, says Israeli team

(AP)—A team of Israeli archaeologists believes it has discovered the ruins of a palace belonging to the biblical King David, but other Israeli experts dispute the claim.

Uncovering the Kingdom of Israel

In addition to many findings dating back to the Kingdom of Israel (some 3,000 years ago), remains of a Persian city (2,400 years ago) and a Byzantine town (1,500 years ago) have been exposed at the site. Plans are in place ...

Chinese culture at the crossroads

Recent archaeological discoveries from far-flung corners of China are forcing scientists to reconsider the origins of ancient Chinese civilization - and a new crop of young archaeologists are delving into the modern nation's ...

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