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Cyclone Biparjoy eases over Indian coast

Cyclone Biparjoy tore down power poles and uprooted trees Friday after pummeled the Indian coastline, but the storm was weaker than feared and there were two confirmed deaths.

Seeing through sediment reveals Red Sea tectonics

Geologists have long contested the structure of the Red Sea. Many regard it as an extended rift basin where two continental plates are actively moving apart, while others see it as a fully developed ocean with a mid-ocean ...

Winds of change bring winter rain to eastern Arabia

Warmer waters in the central tropical Pacific in recent decades have led to shifts in atmospheric wind jets, bringing more winter rainfall to the eastern Arabian Peninsula and less to the south.

Extreme sea levels to become much more common

Global warming will cause extreme sea levels to occur almost every year by the end of the century, impacting major coastlines worldwide, according to new research from an international team of scientists.

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